A Login/Logout system for any CodeIgniter project (like GroceryCrud that don't need public user registration).

There are some tips and code strips into the WIKI so read it! There is the Official Website too!

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How to "Install"

There are 3 files that you need to drag into your project:

Configure it (optional)

You can edit the views/login.php as you wish (but if you leave as is it's out-of-the-box responsive and working) -AND- you can look into the controllers/Login.php file because on the top of the file there are a couple of configuration (and translations) than you can manage easily.

That's it.

How it works

It use an SQL table named "crud_users" with "username","password" and "permissions" fields. It will be created automagically if doesn't exists AND an admin user will be created too, so you can log in immediately! The "permissions" field can store anything (VARCHAR 255) like a json_encode() array or just a keyword or a number, so you can manage the permissions of that user.

Users Permissions Management

From V2.0 there is a complete and cool GRID Permissions Management for EACH table. You can create infinite groups. You have the ability to choose 'ID Only, Read List, Read Single, Add, Edit and Delete' permission for each table of your database.

There is a WIKI page with the instruction on how it works: https://github.com/portapipe/Login-GroceryCrud/wiki/Table-Permission-Management-(GRID) alt tag

If you want to create your custom user management system you can go here: https://github.com/portapipe/Login-GroceryCrud/wiki/Manage-the-users

Advanced tools

A model file comes with the release and contains some basics stuff:

TO USE IT you just need to load the library into your controllers files like that:


and use it like:

    $name = $this->login_model->name();
    echo "HI $name! You are Logged IN!";

Pretty easy, uh?

Example: Self-Made Custom Permissions for GroceryCrud

If you need a pre-made permissions system with full control of every permission take a look here

Note: I'm using some names like 'admin' or 'author' for the example but you can use really anything you want!

In this example you have a blog website. You need an "admin" user, an "author" user and a "revisioner" user.

The "admin" users will have any permission, so create the basic CRUD page with any permission you want to give them, like the ability to manage any user. The "author" users can add and see their own articles, so we must show them just their work. We can use a $crud->where('author',$this->login_model->id()) and force the field 'author' in the add page to be the author's ID and non-editable by the user. Finally the "revisioner" users can edit and delete any articles BUT can't add a new one, so we can unset the add button with $crud->unset_add() and we are done.

$permission = $this->login_model->permission();
    echo "Hey, you're the boss, you can do anything!";

function useAuthorID($post_array) {
    $post_array['author'] = $this->login_model->id();
    return $post_array;


    echo "I think you shouldn't be here...";
    //and we can force a login to the user with